Our portfolio is carefully tailored to the needs
of small and medium-sized enterprises

Ready-to-run systems in the shortest possible time
The ERM GmbH, founded in 2003 as CITYPRO GmbH, specialises in consultancy, distribution and integration of Enterprise Relationship Management solutions. By Enterprise Relationship Management we mean, in addition to a comprehensive IT and software infrastructure, the analysis and preparation of integrated business processes enabling your enterprise to structure and systemise relations with the business environment. Because of our no-frills, pragmatic approach and innovative consultancy and integration methods, ready-to-run systems are available to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Holistic thinking:
Enterprise Relationship Management

The concept of Customer Relationship Management is closely connected with applications that are concerned with interaction with your customers. But the enterprise environment is much larger when all thinking and action is focused on the customer. It is just as important to systematise relations with your partners, suppliers, employees and external service providers, for example – in the interest of your customers. For they benefit just as you do from smooth interaction between your enterprise and its environment. Your enterprise will be faster and more agile and can respond more flexibly to your customers' wishes!

Independent product consultancy and product integration
The requirements of our customers are the sole criteria for the utilisation of IT and software solutions. We do not see ourselves as traditional resellers, so we are not bound to any manufacturers. We have a number of carefully selected, high-performance products and solutions at our disposal and we choose, implement and adapt them as our customers require. These products and solutions are specifically tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of performance and price.

Service and Consultancy
The selection of a specific product is only a marginal factor when it comes to the successful introduction of Enterprise Relationship Management solutions and products. Structures have to be created and workflows defined first. In this regard we are at your disposal with our comprehensive consultancy services with reference to all aspects of Enterprise Relationship Management.

Support, Workshops & Training Sessions
To round off our service portfolio, we impart know-how regarding the application and administration of all the software solutions we offer.


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