Customer Relationship Management – Enhance customer value, simplify communication, minimize risks

Retain your greatest advantage as a small or medium-sized enterprise: flexibility and speed!
It is particularly important for your company to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. To meet your customers' expectations you need a suitable CRM system that helps you systemize and structure your processes and workflows while at the same time ensuring that you have the flexibility you need to react to the rapidly changing demands of your customers. With our exclusive solutions you can drastically simplify your whole customer management system flexibly and easily – from contact management and control to customer value analysis.

Comprehensive range of functions and intuitive human-computer interaction
After many years of development in line with customer wishes, our exclusive Customer Relationship Management solutions have a comprehensive range of functions and thus go well beyond mere sales and marketing support. Integrated HelpDesk systems ensure smooth capture and processing of support and malfunction inquiries. Extensive data analysis tools support you in generating meaningful reports and analyses as a basis for tactical and strategic business decisions. Each module can be integrated independently of the others. That guarantees you resource-saving step-by-step integration of your new working environment.

Quick and simple integration
With ERM as your partner in your Customer Relationship Management project you will have a ready-to-use solution in the shortest possible time, one that can be easily adapted to your specific demands on the fly without time-consuming application programming. That saves you time, is easy on your nerves and cuts your costs.

Best Practice: Get the benefit of our many years of experience
After many years of experience we now have time-tested best practice approaches and procedures at our disposal for consultation, planning and integration of a wide variety of Customer Relationship Management systems. We do not just take account of the technical aspects of CRM, we also help you in selecting the system best suited to your business and in defining working methods and business processes.