Privacy policy

Data Protection Regulations
We attach great importance to protecting your privacy and your personal data. That is why we conduct our Internet activities in strict and exclusive compliance with such data protection legislation as is applicable.

Personal Data
On our website we collect no personal data without your express approval. You, and you alone, decide whether you want to notify us of, say, your e-mail address or postal address so that we can contact you in order to process your request or provide you with access to special information or offers. This personal data is handled with strict confidentiality by us.

Data Security
We take precautions to protect your data from loss, manipulation and unauthorized access. These precautions are in keeping with the state of technological development.

Cookies refer to information stored automatically on your computer in accordance with strict rules and with content that you can check. We use cookies solely to offer you greater ease of use on our website, so that you do not, for instance, have to type in your password or select your preferences again and again We do not assign cookies to personal profiles.

Technologies Employed
In parts of this website technologies that are widespread on the Internet, such as JavaScript, Java, Flash or ActiveX, may be used to supply you at your greater convenience with the information you request. On no account do we use these technologies to spy out personal data or manipulate data on your computer.


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