Know who is calling - don't waste time with searching information

You can focus on your counterpart
If you want to call someone, just click on the phone number. ERM-CTI connects you immediatly. And if you find a phone number in a document, on a website or an email: mark it and dial via ERM-CTI. This makes calling easy and speeds up your daily workflow. The most important win: you can completely concentrate on the conversation with the partner at hand. Typing phone numbers or searching clients in your CRM system leads to lacking in concentration. 

GoldMine, infor CRM (SalesLogix), MS-CRM supported 
Now you can use one TAPI interface for the most interesting CRM systems - and you can use them parallel at the same time.

Incoming calls - be quick and informed!
Incomming calls often innitiate internal processes. You have to store and link information and transfer them to your colleagues. ERM-CTI helps you to be efficient: opens the contact in your CRM system and initiates an "incoming call" record. So all information are linked to the proper contact in your central CRM or ERP system. Your colleagues are automatically informed and can process the request. 

Support yourself and your colleagues with necessary information
You know this situation: a client calls and new colleague does not understand the importance or the call: ERM-CTI shows important information about your client BEFORE you take the call. The information are displayed in an ERM-CTI pop-up-window and you are prepared before you answers the call.

Call lists with redial function
Coming back to your desk you can check missed calls and linked contact information from your CRM system. One click and ERM-CTI innitiates the call back.

Every call is documented.
Due to the link of phone system and your CRM system all incoming and outgoing can be documented very easy. One click opens the "complete call"record and assits cyou on your workflow.

Fuzzy search - recognise existing relationships.
You cannot store all client numbers in your CRM system! But ERM CTI can search for similar numbers cutting away the last digits. So ERM CTI finds the company record and displays related contacts. Every ERM CTI user can manage its own "fuzziness" if the direct number is not in your system. Even if your client is calling from another desk you will see who is calling before you answer the call.

And if you type a number manually?
Even if you type a number on your phone ERM-CTI searches the number in your CRM system and displays the proper record.





for GoldMine, infor CRM (SalesLogix), MS-CRM etc.

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