The Benefits of Alignment with ITIL Best Practices

We developed the FrontRange ITSM product line with ITIL best practices forefront in our design (also SOX and COBIT strategies). ITIL is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, an open and extensible best-practices framework. Originally developed by the British government, ITIL has become the leading international standard in IT service management processes. Thousands of organizations have adopted ITIL in their process development. ITIL alignment in your FrontRange ITSM deployment gives you access to a wealth of best practices information developed across thousands of organizations, and a means to act on what you learn.

Best practices work to align IT with your business goals, improve efficiency of service delivery, sustain revenue growth, improve corporate information systems, and improve customer loyalty.

FrontRange ITSM is the most complete ITIL-based service management solution available, and has the highest level of ITIL support, with over 100 ITIL-certified professionals on staff at FrontRange.

The Benefits of Role-based Implementation
All FrontRange ITSM modules allow your administrators and users to configure their system based on each user's role in your organization. You can create dashboards and reports, and implement role-based policies for business rules, reporting, and security. Work easily with business objects, focusing on business functions, not coding and testing. No matter the user's role-change manager, service manager, technician, etc.-you can select and tailor the business objects that perform the functions for that person's role.

The Flexibility of Phased Implementation
Your needs and budget priorities are ever changing. FrontRange ITSM can be deployed one module at a time and easily scales from a few users to your entire organization. You control the entire process-including the effect on your organization and your budget. Combining rapid deployment and quick time-to-benefit with modular deployment, FrontRange ITSM gives you practical budgetary and operational visibility of your entire service technology program.

FrontRange ITSM Addresses Your Core Business Drivers Directly

  • Cost Reduction

  • Regulatory Compliance (Sarbanes Oxley, ISO/IEC, etc.)

  • Reducing IT Complexity

  • Process Improvement

  • Business Process Alignment

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Integration & Standards