Office communications – Establish the basic structures for sustainable business success

The problem
Small and medium-sized enterprises that focused on rapid growth in the past are often faced with a problem: the basic structures in their own enterprises have not grown with them. Processes, workflows and filing structures were neither defined nor documented. But rapid growth requires stability and clear structures if the day-to-day work is to be performed smoothly. Otherwise there is a risk of sales losses, service gaps, staff frustration and a tremendous amount of time wasted in the course of doing one's daily job.

Office communications is a business success factor
Once the problem has been identified, cost-intensive technology is often purchased to put an end to the looming chaos. But since technology can only be a means to an end, the end has to be defined beforehand. This is where the consulting services of ERM come in. Office communications comprises not just technology but all the organizational and staffing aspects of task-related information exchange and is thus the basis for successful business activity.

This is how ERM helps your company
Technology, the miracle cure, only makes sense for your company if you know what practical use it is to be put to. So first we talk to you about workflows, filing structures and processes. Your existing IT and software infrastructure has to be carefully analyzed to determine how suitable it is for your new requirements and whether it is advisable to think about new acquisitions.


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