Structure and systematize the interfaces with your enterprise environment with ERM solution modules

The challenge: "Flexible systematizing"
When the competitive pressure increases, your company's relationships with customers, partners and suppliers become more complex. On the one hand, you want to systematize and standardize your interaction with the enterprise environment. On the other, flexibility is an important success factor – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. So the challenge is to model processes with the enterprise environment so as to achieve the maximum degree of systematization without losing any of your flexibility.

Grow with our solutions – our solutions grow with you
Our selected IT and software solutions offer you the chance to develop the agility and flexibility needed for rapid growth and at the same time to structure and systemize your interaction with your enterprise environment. It is very important to us that the solutions we offer grow with your company and that your new IT and software infrastructure does not end up in a blind alley. Because growth requires sustainability – just as your working environment does.

Rapid integration – Don't delay, start today!
All the solutions chosen by ERM have one thing in common: they have extensive standard functions based on many years of customer needs-based development, sparing you tedious and expensive adaptation services. In the shortest possible time you have up-and-running systems that can be adapted to your specific requirements on the fly without down time. Thanks to the intuitive user interfaces of all ERM solution modules, the new tools will quickly meet with the approval of your staff.

Solution modules for intelligent step-by-step launching
The ERM solution modules for integral Enterprise Relationship Management can all be integrated into your existing system landscape independently of one another. That will save you both human and financial resources.

Advantages of applying ERM solutions

  • systematization of your business dealings with customers, suppliers and partners
  • maximum flexibility through rapid adaptation to new requirements
  • guarantee of high-speed response to inquiries
  • reliability owing to intelligent and ingenious follow-up management
  • complete documentation of all business transactions
  • high level of transparency through rapid tracing of data and documents on all business transactions
  • high degree of automation through integrated process management
  • first-class service management through a clever HelpDesk system
  • determination of customer value at the click of a button
  • meaningful reporting on all relevant business activities – individually and easily configurable
  • integral view of the whole enterprise environment
  • activity, turnover and forecast controlling at the click of a button
  • extensive data collection as the basis for important business decisions
  • real-time analysis of all business transactions

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