Automate and dramatically accelerate your whole quoting process with QuoteWerks, from the first contact to invoicing

Creating quotes manually is
awkward and inefficient
This might be familiar to you: Sales personnel often have to have several applications open in order to create and track a quote: the Word document to create the quote, an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the price and the contact management or CRM system to enter the forecast. The same applies when modifying quotes. The price changes always have to be changed in all applications. That costs time, money and nerves and also affects the motivation of the sales staff unfavorably. But manual quote tracing has disadvantages for all subsequent processes as well: The quotes have to be written off and transferred to the ordering system manually.

Support your sales staff with automated
and sustainable quote management
The QuoteWerks quote management solution places a tool in the hands of your sales team that drastically simplifies the whole quote management process, from creation through modification to the order.

A few mouse clicks and
the quote is ready
Prices and products are stored in a database that is easy to create and maintain. Product information and prices from third-party applications can be imported via an import interface. When the quote is being created the individual quote items are easily collated with a click of the mouse. Complex quotes with free text passages can also be created quickly and easily with QuoteWerks. The system calculates subtotals, rebates, end prices and sales tax automatically. Once the quote is ready it can be printed out or sent by e-mail as a PDF attachment directly from the application. Of course the look and feel of the quote will correspond to your company guidelines.

Every interaction with the customer
will be tracked automatically
Since it is coupled with your contact management or CRM system, it is no longer necessary to have more than one application open to process a quote. The quotes are tracked and the forecast is generated automatically. If the quote is modified the new quoted price appears in your contact management system as well. But the altered quote document is not just overwritten. The system automatically version controls the documents so that you can trace back the whole quote history.

From quote to order
When the order is received the quote is transformed with a mouse click into an order acknowledgement. The invoice is also generated automatically. All the data in your applications are updated accordingly.